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I am a digital artist and designer from Bogotá, Colombia. Inspired by our human experience, I use collage techniques to create my work. As a female artist, I reclaim agency by empowering myself to make my own visual expressions of that reality. I print my work on various materials, such as Chromaluxe and acrylic to create reflections of the viewer creating an interactive experience.

My artistic journey is influenced by my own personal history and my background in the creative industry. After graduating from Emerson College with a Bachelors in Art, I started working at Colombian fashion and lifestyle magazines Soho and Fucsia as an assistant. In 2002 I went on to study Graphic Design at the Miami Ad School and through the semester abroad program, landed a design job for Leo Burnett Amsterdam. During this time I became interested in Dutch aesthetics and street art. It was the beginning of exploring my own artistic expressions outside of my creative career. In 2004 I moved to Panamá and worked as a freelance designer and artist. Inspired by clothes and the power of luxury fashion, my art began to shift. I took images of models on the runway wearing the latest fashion and pasted them in the streets of picturesque Casco Viejo that was in reality, plagued by poverty. In 2015, I moved back to Bogotá as a full-time artist with my two daughters where I still reside today. Most notably, my work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Panamá and the Instituto Cervantes in Tokyo. 

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